Solar Energy: A Guide

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4 Home Construction Materials That Can Contain Asbestos

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Asbestos is a fibre-based material that can be very harmful to human health. Although asbestos can sit harmlessly in a building for years or even decades, an event that disturbs the material can release fibres that cause aggressive cancers and lung problems in anyone who breathes them in. Before you embark on any home construction project, it is important to determine whether the construction materials used in your home contain asbestos and to contact an asbestos removal service if they do. Read More»

Understanding Air Quality Services

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Clean air is important for your respiratory system, general health, comfort and mental well-being. Think of it this way; how do you feel if you encounter a smelly environment or your chest and nose feels congested and it is difficult to breathe? Air quality services ensure that you have access to clean, quality and breathable air. Here’s what you need to know about air quality services: Who Offers Air Quality Services? Read More»

Recyclable Bins: Colour Code

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Waste bins are a must-have component of any residential waste management program. Plastic recyclable bins are often the most common for residential waste. If you’re looking to invest in recyclable waste bins, you need to know that there is a colour code for each type of waste and that there are certain types of waste not allowed in recyclable waste bins. Here is a brief explanation of the colour code and a look at some of the items that cannot go into these bins. Read More»

Do You Need to Have Your Equipment Tested and Tagged?

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Workplace safety is very important because it keeps your employees safe and helps you avoid legal suits. Electrical test and tag services evaluate the safety of the electrical equipment used in your business to ascertain that they are in optimal condition. But do you have to do it, though? Compliance to the Law Every state has laws that indicate the safety measures that companies need to take to keep their employees safe. Read More»

3 Personality Traits You Want to See in Your Fire Wardens

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Choosing the right employees for fire warden training is vital. While many people get through the training OK, this doesn’t mean that they’ll manage an emergency effectively. You need wardens with the right personality traits to cope in a crisis. What should you look for when you shortlist potential fire wardens for your business? 1. A Cool Head If you have a fire or other emergency at work, then you need your fire wardens to stay calm. Read More»