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Recyclable Bins: Colour Code

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Waste bins are a must-have component of any residential waste management program. Plastic recyclable bins are often the most common for residential waste.

If you're looking to invest in recyclable waste bins, you need to know that there is a colour code for each type of waste and that there are certain types of waste not allowed in recyclable waste bins. Here is a brief explanation of the colour code and a look at some of the items that cannot go into these bins.

The Colour Code

In general, recyclable plastic waste bins are required to have one of two colours for the body of the bin. In Australia, the standard colour for the body of recyclable waste bins is dark green or black. Therefore, you will need to choose between the two colours for the primary colour on your recyclable bin.

However, the lid that goes onto a recyclable bin is the distinguishing factor that determines the kind of waste that can go into a specific bin.

Recyclable bins that are meant to hold general waste must have a red lid. This bin is suitable for the disposable of various general waste items including but not limited to rags and clothing items, broken glass, pet litter and bubble wrap.

Bins meant for organic waste should have a green lid. Examples of waste that should be held in this bin include lawn clippings, small twigs, leftover food items and fruit peelings and vegetable scraps.

Bins for recyclable waste items should have a yellow lid. This is the bin for plastic bottles, aluminium soda cans, empty aerosol cans and the like.

With this three-system colour code, you can be sure that you are placing the right kind of waste into the right waste bin.

The best thing about this is that the colour of the lid does not alter the price of a recyclable waste bin.

Unwanted Waste Products

There are several types of waste that are not allowed in recyclable bins. Examples of such waste include building waste, medical waste, liquid paint, light bulbs, poisonous chemicals and electrical items.

If you have items that are not allowed in a recyclable waste bin, you might have to hire a rubbish removal company that will handle the disposal of such items instead of dumping them in any one of your recyclable bins. Reach out to rubbish skip bin providers today to learn more.